Choose your steam generator

The steam generator:

This is the heart of steambath, it must be quick to heat the space and easy to maintain.
So never under sizing and prefer instead a more powerful generator.
For your convenience, it should work with the water system of the city, and also detect the limestone to evacuate via the sewer your premises.
Maintenance operations should be short so that you achieve with only some basic knowledge and infrequent for a less restrictive use.
The generator must be installed in the technical room adjoining steam room, this room must have ventilation grilles top and bottom to remove the heat generated by the generator. It should display the temperature of the steam and automatically regulate the maximum accuracy.
For professional steam, we recommend that you install a control box
distance and / or clock to be a completely autonomous operation.
Provide a water supply in town 20/27 with a strainer and isolation valve
as for appliances.
Also consider installing a drain copper or PVC "high temperature" dia 40mm to drain water blowdown from the generator to the sewer.
There are several types of steam generator on the market:
Electrodes Steam generators :

  They work by electrolysis of water. It use mineral water to generate an electric current between an anode and a cathode. These devices generally do not require a water softener, however, attention must be paid to the precipitation of calcium that occurs naturally in the inner bowl of the machine and change regularly (between 1500 and 3000 H operating) cylinder heater .
 There are two different control these devices. The former are called "all or nothing" or "digital", it means that when the steam generator has reached the required temperature in the steam room, he stops. The others are called "proportional" or "modulating", those will constantly adapt their heating power depending on the difference between the temperature measured in the steam room and that requested by the user. The best units control from 20 to 100% of their rated power. We can therefore expect great energy savings.
CAUTION: Be sure the mains water you use is compatible with that technology
Electrical heater steam generators:

They heat water to 100 ° through  electrical resistances. These devices operate regardless of the water quality. It is often advisable to add a water softener to relieve their electrical resistance so that they are not covered with hard to clean limestone.
As for the electrodes steam generators, there are devices "all or nothing" and "proportional" devices


The temperature sensor of the generator must be installed at eye level of a man standing and if possible at the opposite steam diffuser

The choice of installation location of the spray nozzle is very important because we must protect
users of steam at 100 ° C and which is extracted at the same time ensure a temperature
homogeneous throughout the hammam. We recommend that you put the nozzle in an inaccessible niche as under a bench for example.

There are several types of steam nozzle, plastic, ceramic and stainless steel.

Choose according to estéhétique of products but also on its future location. So you may prefer a stainless steel diffuser if it is in a visible place but where you will not tend to show her ankles and instead a plastic nozzle so that it should not be, or if you put it under a bench applies.

Condensate from the nozzle can be recovered and disposed of outside the steam to drain or be left in the steam room where they will be evacuated through the floor drain.
The steam pipe is a special semi-rigid tube that is very tolerant of temperature changes over time, it must be installed so that 'there was no "low point" between the generator and the spray nozzle .


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