Structure & Insulation :


The structure and insulation are key factors for your energy consumption and comfort.  

Indeed, good insulation will limit the use of the generator and therefore the cost energy of your steam.
Thus, we recommend that you use the same material for the isolation and structure: panel hard extruded polystyrene foam reinforced 80 mm is a solid material that can hold heat well and can be tiled or traditional coating.
Euromat, Lazer, Lux Elements are the leading manufacturers of this material.
It is a simple material to work with and highly resistant to moisture and high temperatures.
In addition, you can also use the traditional masonry materials (concrete block, brick, Aerated concrete ...) for the structure and to establish a panel of polystyrene hard foam extruded reinforced with 30 mm inside the steam for thermal and hygroscopic insulation.
By cons, always make sure to remove thermal bridges with special silicone seal.
To determine the shape of your steam, imagine a drop of water courses on the ceiling, on the wall or along a bench.
· The ceiling should be sloped slightly more elegant and aesthetic vault, dome or pyramid are also recommended.
· The benches and the floor must be sloped to drain condensation to drain.
· The floor must be equipped with a siphon with water seal, like a shower.
· You can also set an internal gutter to collect water condensation
ceiling, connected to the drain of steam. Efficient but not very aesthetic

To complete the construction of your steam, it is necessary to be careful in choosing your door. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend using a high temperature glass door with stainless steel frame securit or essence of tropical wood (Iroko. ..), with a minimum thickness of 8 mm.

It should always open outward and be equipped with a magnetic switch without lock. Avoid the walls of shower rail, their isolation is very low and the mechanism will deteriorate for sure in time.
For a hammam for a collective and public use, you must meet a minimum passage width 90cm and achieve free access threshold.

For the ventilation of your local, make sure to leave under the door. (See the steam vent).

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