Wellness use the technology of its big brother humiSteam CAREL widely
broadcast around the world in industry and cleanroom...


  • Steam production between 1 and 65kg / h 
  • Proportional control managed by a temperature sensor (supplied) 
  • a user-friendly display, swivel and adjustable offset ... 
  • Programming time weekly use 
  • hour meter for maintenance 
  • Lighting control 
  • Management of 1 to 3 pumps to essential oils (optional), one of disinfection pump (optional) and two fans (introduction of new air & extraction).

These generators works with
the minerals contained in the water using immersed electrodes, to raise the température of the water
Therefore this system does not work with installations where a water softener is present or with some water very pure or very processed network. Please contact your dealer to ensure the compatibility of your system with "Wellness" générators



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