Turkish bath Ventilation

We can read and hear a lot about the ventilation in turkish bath.

What is required? Why ventilate? we will try to answer here.

have I
a legal obligation to ventilate my steambath?

There is no law that specifies the mandatory nature of the air extraction whether private or public.

Nevertheless, we can consider that the flow of fresh air required by the legislation on the ponds may apply. Nobody will check in particular whether the breakdown of steam was made whether or not to issue any compliance. In France, in a steam room open to the public, the control office, according to its sensitivity and interpretation of texts, may have to require a breakdown of the steam room itself.

Why ventilate steam room?

For three reasons:

- Renewal of air (need oxygen)

- Provides a fog appearance

- Eliminates moisture steam after use.
The air intake promotes the misty atmosphere of fog. The lack of ventilation makes clear, warm room (without fog). In fact, small openings allowing air to pass necessary: ​​if the cabin is very well insulated and sealed, it is possible to achieve a humidity level of 100%, which will make the cabin warm and clear, without this look "foggy" that most users are looking for.

In addition, the lack of ventilation can cause lack of oxygen.
Hunting steam air and therefore oxygen: there must be a renewal of the air steam 10 to 30 m3 per hour per person.

Outside periods of use, it is also necessary to "dry" steam bath and stem the humid air outside. This will avoid smearing mold on the walls, especially in tile joints.

Air supply:
Therefore provide sufficient air inlet at ground level (An air inlet is generally provided on the steam doors at ground level)

Air outlet: providing a high as far as air outlet of the air inlet (opposite wall or on the ceiling).
Natural sorting is not regular, provide controlled ventilation or CMV. Ventilation ducts (rigid or flexible) must withstand high humidity and should be able to evacuate the water condensation that could create pockets of water.


How to install the ventilation?


Installation of the extractor:

The extraction engine must be installed outside the steam room. Make the choice of polypropylene
extractor or other plastic material. more sustainable over time
- It must be accessible for maintenance.
- It can be removed from the steam to reduce noise.
- The fan is installed in series with the leads
- The extractor must be installed vertically or mini slope of 45 ° C.


Installation of ducts:

- Create a regular slope (45 ° min) to avoid the appearance of water pockets in the jacket. The sleeves should never be horizontal. If you use the spiral flexible sheath, stretch the maximum to avoid water stagnation.
- The slope shall ascend out of the mouth of the extraction steam to the gate discharge outside

- The diameter of the tubes is calculated based on the rate used. Do not exceed 2.5 m / s!

- The output of steam can be roof or wall can be.
- The switch must be installed out of steam in a dry place
- An air inlet must be provided in the door of the hammam. Doors usually have a steam vacuum of 1 cm. (See building steam room). You can add an air intake grille at the bottom of wall near the door to increase the incoming volume and limit the noise of air.

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