Steambox 1.0 is a box for a while to increase the possibilities of a steam generator for turkishbath.

Its characteristic is to be compatible with all models of the market.

Steambox provides an ON/OFF or Proportional 0-10V signal.

The steam generator only receives a run command and / or a power level based on its own characteristics. It switches from one mode to the other by setting at the first start.

The command is given on a proportional or digital setpoint in °C configurable by the user and an ambient temperature measured by a resistive sensor NTC.


Steambox has 5 digital outputs distributed as follows:

    1 digital control for steam generator

    1 pump control perfume 1

    1 pump control 2 perfume or disinfection pump

    1 extraction fan control for air exchange and/or drying room.

    1 lighting control

Steambox 1.0 also has analog output to control the steam generator proportional 0-10V

Steambox comes with its large offset 8 lines semigraphic through which you can access all controls and system settings screen.

Steambox integrates all the necessary electrical components for the control and protection of diffusion pumps fragrances and / or disinfection, lighting and ventilation.

Perfume pump is switched on only when the temperature of the steam is at least 70% of the set temperature. From that moment, it operates according to a running time/pause time in seconds adjustable via the remote control.


The disinfection pump engages the end of cycle within a configurable time by the user through the remote control.

The exhaust fan operates in two modes:

Renewal air mode:

extractor operates in accordance with a running time / time
second pause configurable via the remote control. It does not work if
the generator is now producing

Dry mode:

extractor starts at the end of cycle within a configurable time by the user to dry steam. It will start at the end of the disinfection mode if it is enabled.


The lighting is switched by manual clearance on the remote control.

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